Expanding Horizons in North America.

dnota and W5 Engineering Strategic Alliance in the US. dnota, a leader in innovation in air quality, has taken a significant step in expanding its presence in North America, announcing a strategic distribution agreement with W5 Engineering, a renowned U.S. engineering firm. This partnership follows our recent collaboration with MFE Inspections and ES Canada, consolidating our expansion into one of the world’s most influential markets.

dnota airquality CORP in Florida: Smart City in USA

W5 engeenering has a strong influence in key states such as New England, New York, California and Texas

w5 Engeenering
W5 Engineering – A Strategic Partner in the United States

W5 Engineering, with a strong presence in the United States, Canada and Mexico, and a strong influence in key states such as New England, New York, California and Texas, among others, is the ideal partner for dnota in this endeavor. Its specialization and geographic coverage in the United States, with clients and projects throughout the country, position note in a strategic location to address a large and diverse market.

Technology CommercializationBettair in the USA

Collaboration with W5 Engineering will make it possible to initiate a process of commercialization of the technologybettair in multiple U.S. cities and industries; Bettair, a technology aimed at both Smart Cities projects and industry in general, is essential for monitoring air quality in a variety of infrastructures, including ports, airports, residential buildings, hospitals, schools, shopping centers and industrial sectors such as oil, gas and automotive;

dnota airquality CORP in Florida: Promising Future
International Recognition and Technological Excellence

This agreement takes on special relevance considering that bettair technology has been awarded the world’s most accurate air quality sensor by AIRLAB, meaning the United States will have the world’s best technology for measuring air quality.

dnota – A Global Commitment to Air Quality

dnota, with a track record of signing agreements in more than 20 countries, including Grecia, Turquía, Portugal, Reino Unido, Francia, Canada, Chile and Mexico, demonstrates its unwavering commitment to improving air quality globally; dnota’s bettair technology represents not only an innovation in air quality monitoring, but also a step towards a more sustainable and healthy future for cities and industries around the world;

Bettair, an Award-Winning Sensor

The Bettair technology has gained global recognition after being named by AIRLAB as the world’s most accurate air quality sensor. This award not only confirms the reliability and innovation behind Bettair but also underlines dnota’s commitment to providing environmental monitoring solutions that can be the basis for more effective public policies and a more informed and aware citizenry;

World’s most accurate air quality sensor according to Airlab Challenge 2023

World's most accurate sensor according to AIRLAB
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