dnota, a leader in hybrid air quality networks, continues to expand its international presence with the addition of two new key distributors. In a strategic move, the company has strengthened its distribution network in the Iberian Peninsula and France, countries that share a border with Spain and offer vast opportunities for growth.

The company has closed a deal with Mègatec, specialists in air quality solutions with Thermo Fisher Scientific representation in France. Mègatec is headquartered in Saint Aubin, France, consolidating dnota’s presence in the French market.

In Portugal, the distributor chosen is BHB “Sistemas de controlo e medida” a company with years of experience in the air quality sector. Its consolidated presence in the Portuguese country will strengthen dnota’s position in the region and allow more direct access to local customers.

Portugal y francia calidad de aire

dnota, being one of the most concerned companies in air quality and together with IoT sensors bettair, has taken a significant step in its international expansion strategy by announcing the addition of two new distribution partners. Mègatec, based in Saint Aubin, France, will represent dnota in the French market, while in Portugal, the company will have a specialized distributor with a long track record in air quality.

The signing of these agreements strengthens dnota’s position in the Iberian Peninsula and France, strategic countries close to Spain. This expansion will allow dnota to offer its cutting-edge air quality technology to a wider audience, consolidating its leadership in the European market.

A reinforced environmental commitment to improve air quality.

Bettair, the IoT technology developed by dnota, has established a strong commitment to environmental preservation. This innovative technology facilitates the accurate measurement of various atmospheric and acoustic pollutants, setting a milestone in environmental management.

Bettair’s uniqueness lies in its static nodes strategically installed on urban furniture, triggering a revolution in data collection. This arrangement ensures exceptional spatial and temporal resolution, providing accurate information at a fraction of the cost associated with conventional equipment. The economic efficiency of this technology has made it an indispensable tool in projects managed by dnota in Greece and Turkey.

In Greece, where dnota has already made its mark through pioneering projects, and in Turkey, Bettair technology is transforming smart city management. Recently, the company met with representatives of the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality during the Smart City Expo World Congress in Barcelona. During this meeting, the numerous advantages of the technology were highlighted, further consolidating its position as a leader in the sector.

This strategic expansion of the distribution network demonstrates dnota’s unwavering commitment to the continuous improvement of air quality in Europe. The company stands out by offering comprehensive solutions that merge its expertise in air quality with cutting-edge IoT technology. In a world increasingly focused on sustainability, Bettair’s proposal emerges as a beacon of innovation and environmental responsibility.