Bettair®, the innovative IoT sensor for air quality monitoring, has been distinguished as the”World’s Most Accurate Air Quality Sensor” in the prestigious Challenge AIRLAB Microcapteurs 2023. This worldwide recognition not only validates the hard development and configuration work done by Bettair in recent years, but also cements its position as a leader in the global air quality monitoring industry.

The Challenge of the Prestigious Challenge AIRLAB Microcapteurs

The Challenge AIRLAB Microcapteurs is the most prestigious international competition, organized by Airparif (Independent Regional Air Quality Observatory of the Paris Region) and AIRLAB (its open innovation laboratory).

This competition evaluates the performance of air quality microsensors in real conditions. In the 2023 edition, Bettair® stood out by taking first place in the overall outdoor multi-pollutant sensor category as a whole.

It should be noted that this is the first time that the tests performed on the sensors have been carried out simultaneously in France and Thailand, to evaluate widely varying climatic conditions, and Bettair® has won the award in both locations.

Josep Perelló, CEO of Bettair Cities, expressed his satisfaction with the results obtained: “This award is the reward for years of hard work and dedication; we are delighted to be recognized as the World’s Most Accurate Air Quality Sensor;

Bettair® ‘s Global Impact;

The strategic alliance between Bettair® and dnota has boosted the commercialization of this revolutionary device worldwide. Numerous distribution agreements have already been signed, and this award further reinforces the leadership position that both companies aspire to achieve in air quality monitoring in the coming years.

Cities already benefiting from Bettair®

Currently, several national and international cities are already using Bettair® devices.

In Spain, localities such as Girona, Sant Cugat del Vallès, Sant Just Desvern, El Prat de Llobregat, Viladecans, Castelldefels, L’Hospitalet, Madrid, Gijón, Tres Cantos, Zamora, a Coruña, Palma de Mallorca, Ibiza and Ciutadella de Menorca have successfully implemented these devices.

Internationally, cities such as Rome in Italy, Novi Sad in Serbia, Mexico (Cementera Cemex), Val d’Or and Rouyn-Noranda in Canada, as well as Greece, France, Germany, Turkey, Malaysia, Peru, Costa Rica, Uruguay and Portugal are already benefiting from Bettair® technology, as well as in the United States, Canada, Latin America and Asia.

Global Expansion and Distribution Agreements

Bettair and dnota have consolidated their global presence with recent distribution agreements in Greece, Turkey, Portugal and France. In the coming weeks, Bettair’s presence is expected to expand to more European countries, as well as in the United States, Canada and Asia.

Bettair and dnota currently have around 100 professionals distributed in Barcelona, Madrid, Mallorca, Cantabria and Vigo. Both companies aim to establish offices with distributors in more than 60 countries, consolidating their commitment to improving air quality worldwide.

Oscar Navarro, Managing Director of dnota, highlighted the shared vision of both companies: “Our dream is to bring the Bettair® technology to as many countries as possible. We want to provide citizens with advanced pollution control systems to improve health in urban and industrial settings.

Bettair®’s Impact on Featured Events

The Port of Tarragona and the Cambrils Triathlon are prime examples of how Bettair® has helped improve air quality at crucial events. These locations are an integral part of the growing portfolio of customers, demonstrating the positive impact that Bettair® technology can have in different environments.

The relevance of the AIRLAB Microcapteurs Challenge is further highlighted by its international scope. The competition is organized by AIRLAB, Airparif’s open innovation lab, the independent association in charge of monitoring air quality in the Paris region.

The challenge provides a rigorous and objective evaluation of microsensors in real-world conditions, backed by a panel of international experts.

Bettair® has proven to be the undisputed leader in accurate air quality measurement, an achievement backed by its victory in the AIRLAB Microcapteurs 2023 Challenge. This recognition underscores Bettair and dnota’s continued commitment to innovation, sustainability and improving the quality of life globally. With planned expansion and future developments, Bettair® is well positioned to continue to lead the air quality sensor market and contribute significantly to the creation of healthier and more sustainable environments worldwide.

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