In an important step towards improving climate monitoring in Catalonia, dnota has been officially appointed to maintain the METEOCAT meteorological network. This award, reflecting our solid experience and technical competence, significantly underlines dnota’s commitment to innovation and excellence in the meteorological sector.

Moreover, the network, which consists of 181 Automatic Meteorological Stations (AMS) distributed throughout Catalonia, is essential for the collection of accurate, real-time meteorological data. Consequently, the maintenance of the METEOCAT meteorological network by dnota will ensure the continuity and quality of this essential service, thereby contributing to the safety, well-being, and effective planning of the region.

Innovation and technology in meteorology

Furthermore, in addition to this important project, dnota offers a range of advanced products in the field of meteorology. Our portfolio includes weather stations, wind sensors, rain gauges, and barometers from world-renowned manufacturers such as RM Young, Calypso, Hukseflux, and Lambrecht. Significantly, these products are essential for a wide range of meteorological applications, providing crucial data for decision-making and environmental management.

Strategic synergies: dnota at the heart of environmental innovation

The recent contract awarded to dnota for the maintenance of the METEOCAT meteorological network and the supply of IoT air quality sensors in the low emission zones of the Autoritat del Transport Metropolità marks a pivotal advancement in our technological mission in Catalonia.

Moreover, the collaboration with the Autoritat del Transport Metropolità involves the strategic deployment of bettair devices to monitor air quality and noise pollution. This initiative further reinforces our position as leaders in smart solutions for a sustainable urban environment.

Mantenimiento red meteorología METEOCATMantenimiento red meteorología METEOCAT
Towards a cleaner future: The air quality monitoring revolution

dnota is extending its air quality leadership to more than 50 countries, using advanced bettair technology. This expansion underlines its commitment to a cleaner environment worldwide, combining certified air analysers with IoT sensors to improve accuracy in urban and industrial areas, benefiting public health and environmental well-being.

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