The UK and Ireland cityscape is about to undergo a major transformation thanks to a partnership between dnota and Enviro Technology. Enviro Technology and dnota are driving Air Quality with Bettair. This strategic agreement promises to incorporate Bettair’s cutting-edge technology into the country’s environmental monitoring network, setting a new standard in the fight against air pollution. With the joint support of both companies, the Bettair sensor will be the tool of choice for analyze and managing air quality, providing accurate, real-time data to city and industry managers and citizens concerned about their health and the environment.

Who is Enviro Technology?

Enviro Technology operates within the prestigious Cura Terrae group, standing out as a leading provider of technology solutions focused on air quality. With decades of experience and an innovative approach, Enviro Technology has positioned itself as an essential partner for governments and businesses in their mission to monitor and improve air quality. Its collaboration with dnota and Bettair represents the coming together of two environmental visionaries committed to developing more sustainable cities and public health.

The Smart Cities Market in the UK

Smart cities have become the focus of urban modernisation in the UK, seeking technological solutions that improve the lives of its inhabitants. Bettair’s implementation in this market aligns with the need for advanced air quality management tools, enabling cities to make informed decisions based on accurate data and thus improve public health and general wellbeing. Enviro Technology and dnota Boost Air Quality with Bettair.

dnota Expands UK and Ireland Presence with Bettair Technology

Enviro Technology and dnota Boost Air Quality with Bettair
Sensor bettair
Bettair’s International Expansion

The 2020 strategic agreement between dnota and Bettair has been a key part of dnota’s internationalisation strategy, enabling Bettair to expand at an unprecedented pace. Building on Bettair’s excellence and precision, dnota has established a presence in key markets in Europe and Canada. Now, with the UK in its sights, dnota is establishing itself as a global player in environmental monitoring, bringing Bettair to over 60 countries in the coming years and contributing to a cleaner environment in every corner of the globe.

Bettair, an Award Winning Sensor

Bettair technology has earned global recognition after being named by AIRLAB as the world’s most accurate air quality sensor. This award not only confirms the reliability and innovation behind Bettair but also underlines dnota’s commitment to providing environmental monitoring solutions that can be the basis for more effective public policy and a more informed and aware citizenry.

World’s most accurate Air Quality Sensor according to Airlab Challenge 2023

Sensor más preciso del mundo según AIRLAB
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