Once again, dnota has positioned itself at the forefront of environmental sustainability, thanks to a recent award by the Principality of Asturias to improve the Air Quality Network. This flagship project will include the installation of the PM10 particle Sampler, DIGITEL DPA14 model, known for its robustness and reliability, and the PM10 and PM2.5 particle analyzer PALAS FIDAS 200 in the Gardens of Juan XXIII.

Digitel DPA14smart city historical buildings of Asturias
Digitel DPA14 Sampler

The choice of the DIGITEL DPA14 Sampler underlines dnota’s commitment to quality and durability. This equipment, noted for being one of the most robust on the market, ensures accurate and reliable air quality monitoring, even under the most demanding conditions.

Robust, cutting-edge technology

The Digitel DPA14 Sampler excels in PM10 monitoring, offering high-precision air quality assessment. Designed with cutting-edge technology, it provides accurate measurements in various settings, ensuring reliable data for environmental analysis. Essential for governments, researchers, and companies committed to clean air policies, it underscores their dedication to public health and environmental well-being.

Digitel DPA14 Operation Video

dnota strengthens its position in Asturias

This new project with the Principado of Asturias reinforces dnota’s mission in implementing advanced solutions for air quality monitoring, highlighting the successful previous integration of bettair sensors in the schools of Gijón. With these initiatives, dnota sets a new standard in environmental monitoring, demonstrating the power of technology and collaboration in building a healthier and more sustainable future.

Moving Towards a Clean Future: The Air Quality Monitoring Revolution

dnota has expanded its commitment to air quality across more than 20 countries. These include Greece, the United States, Turkey, Portugal, the United Kingdom, France, Canada, Chile, and Mexico. Consequently, this expansion showcases its efforts to lead in enhancing global air quality. Furthermore, dnota integrates bettair technology, standing at the forefront of air monitoring. This integration propels environmental innovation towards a more sustainable and healthy future. Importantly, the technology utilizes hybrid networks. These networks blend certified air analyzers with bettair IoT sensors, effectively enhancing air measurement precision in both urban and industrial environments. Therefore, this approach significantly boosts environmental health and public welfare.

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