Open source software for data validation and maintenance management of air quality networks

aire, is the perfect software for the integrated management of air quality networks

  • Manages data from each measuring device until they are sent according to legal requirements
  • Facilitates the daily work of network managers
  • Allows to keep track of all records

Open source license that allows its modification and use for an unlimited duration

aire covers the entire data processing:

  • At the station is in charge of taking the data from the measurement instrument and performing the data transformation (applying formulas, corrections, unit conversion, etc)
  • On the server (in the cloud or on client server) is in charge of receiving the data and managing it

Many public and private clients already rely on aire in their day-to-day business, as it is backed by dnota’s 40 years of experience in the management of air quality networks

Instruments and stations inventory

Allows you to create and manage the inventory of assets and relate them to their location

For each location, it is possible to see which assets are installed there

Allows you to completely trace each asset throughout its useful life, visualizing the planning and history of interventions, as well as locations in case of station relocation

Data acquisition, integration and transmission

Performs data acquisition from measurement instruments, their integration and the sending of instantaneous data at the stations

Internal unattended statistical data post-processing

Real-time visualization

From web browser, the user has all the information in real time, through tables and maps

Internal unattended statistical data post-processing

Line graphs, multiscale, representation of valid/invalid data, wind roses…

Data validation

Designed to make data validation simple and intuitive

Allows to assign to each data its corresponding flag:

  • Temporary
  • Validated
  • Maintenance
  • Calibration
  • Null
  • etc
Preventive maintenance planning and recording

Planning, management and recording of preventive work (maintenance and calibration)

When a periodic action is carried out, the technician registers it and next action is automatically planned

User management by roles

Each user accesses the platform via web, using their password, and can perform the functions assigned to them by their role (administrator, data validator, maintenance technician, etc)

Sending data to Authorities

Automatic sending of temporary and validated data to the competent Authorities, complying with the requirements demanded

Data export

All data can be exported in csv, xml and pdf format

Tracking of historical records

All historical data are stored in its database and are easily accessible

Configurable alerts

Allows the configuration of automatic alerts, to be sent by email or sms, for alert thresholds, limit exceedances, etc

Reports generation

It has predefined reports based on the values legislated in the applicable regulations

It also allows the generation of fully parameterizable automatic reports

Corrective actions management

Allows a technician to be assigned to a fault management, who records the action taken and closes the incident

Integration of other sensors

aire is not only designed for the integration and management of typical air quality station instruments (gas and particle analyzers, meteorological sensors, etc), but any other type of sensor, such as water analysis sensors, sound level meters, etc, can be integrated

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