Key Functionality of aire2 in Advanced Air Quality Monitoring

aire2 is a web-based platform designed to manage and control pollutant emission and immission levels, being a key element in Advanced Air Quality Monitoring. Furthermore, its modular structure integrates seamlessly with analysers located at critical points, allowing data to be captured, exchanged and securely stored. Consequently, this enables efficient verification and validation of information. Furthermore, aire2 facilitates the direct and timely submission of data to the relevant authorities.

On the other hand, industries rely on aire2 to comply with stringent environmental authorisations. This system ensures efficient data management in real time, thus reinforcing their commitment to Advanced Air Quality Monitoring.

Does it integrate with other systems?

aire2 is a web platform organised in a series of modules with different functionalities so that it can be easily deployed and maintained with any of the elements that make up an air quality and associated pollutant monitoring network. It connects with the analysers deployed in chimneys and in all types of emission and immission sources. It works with a multitude of protocols and communication infrastructure allowing data to be sent to the control centre for validation and verification.

Traceability and Alerts in Advanced Air Quality Monitoring

From the moment an analyser records data until it is sent for validation, aire2 controls the entire process. It is key in Advanced Air Quality Monitoring. The platform ensures full traceability and accurate alerts on emissions and stations. It reinforces the integrity and reliability of critical air quality data.

Gestión del mantenimiento con aire2Gestión de la calidad de red de calidad del aire
Station Data Acquisition

Designed to be connected to instrumentation deployed in the field and to work with all types of environmental and meteorological data captured at the stations, sending data in real time to different systems.

Integrable with all types of instrumentation: emission data, immission data and also meteorological data.

Sistema de adquisición de datos
Maintenance Management

Supervision of the maintenance and calibration of pollutant measurement equipment. Allows centralised control of all the interventions carried out for the correct operation of analysers. Work reports,

History of interventions, Management of incidents in analysers and Maintenance are its main functionalities.

Gestión del Mantenimiento Red de Calidad del Aire con aire2
Quality Assurance Levels

This module facilitates the monitoring and storage of the Quality Assurance Level information required for contaminant analysers, guaranteeing their proper functioning.

It avoids errors in calibrations, optimises control, centralises control of calibrations and improves the precision of controls, which are its main functionalities.

Gestión de Calidad en Red Calidad del Aire con software aire2
Data Validation and Automation

This advanced and sophisticated functionality enables meticulous data validation to be performed efficiently from its fully integrated and automated control centre. It also ensures complete automation in sending time-accurate and rigorously validated data directly to the relevant government authorities. Precisely accurate temporal data, accurately validated data, diligent and prompt forwarding to the administration in the correct format, and highly reliable and secure data regeneration are the main highlights and essential functionalities.

Sistema de adquisición de datos
Informes Detallados y Alertas Inmediatas de los Datos

Permite identificar situaciones anómalas y gestionar las alertas correspondientes de forma desatendida y eficiente mediante notificaciones inmediatas a los técnicos responsables o, incluso, activando elementos actuadores en el sistema automático de control si fuera estrictamente necesario. Alertas automáticas inteligentes, Activación precisa de actuadores, Exportación de informes detallados en pdf, html, word y Excel, y Control estadístico exhaustivo de los parámetros serían las principales funcionalidades críticas de este avanzado módulo.

Gestión del Mantenimiento Red de Calidad del Aire con aire2
Analítica Multiparamétrica y Gráficos

Identifica tendencias globales desestacionalizadas de contaminantes y visualiza en una única plataforma mediante gráficos e imágenes la interrelación de los contaminantes con datos metereológicos o de otras fuentes. Resúmenes estadísticos de las series históricas completas, Control del cumplimiento de las medidas de control ambiental, Desestacionalización y segmentacion temporal de series históricas y Análisis de los focos de contaminación serían las principales funcionalidades de este módulo.

Gestión de Calidad en Red Calidad del Aire con software aire2
Installation in Control and Plant Centres

Initially, a control centre enables the centralisation of the acquired data, facilitating their storage, management and exploitation through control panels. These enable simplified monitoring of alerts for pollutant exceedances and validation of the data received by the air quality analysers, creating a comprehensible and accessible environment for environmental control experts.

Subsequently, the aire2 software specialises in centralising the data in the customer’s plant control centre, integrating seamlessly with the control centre itself.

Communication and Data Interoperability

Additionally, aire2 provides complete and advanced interoperability with a wide range of air quality instrumentation and devices, as well as with systems and platforms through standard protocols such as TCP/IP, REST, MQTT or CoAP. Seamless integration with industrial systems via Modbus, OPC or SPI is also ensured, guaranteeing smooth and efficient integration.

Rosa de los vientos de contaminación en plataforma aire2Visualización datos calidad del aire en plataforma aire2
Data traceability

aire2 effectively facilitates the consultation and monitoring of data in real time, as well as the detailed analysis of historical data, making it possible to identify and justify any type of incident. It offers highly customisable web dashboards for the end user, based on an extensive and diverse catalogue of graphical widgets. Available options include: pivot tables, interactive maps, advanced graphs, detailed wind roses, accurate scatter plots, informative dials, among others, for a comprehensive and comprehensive visualisation.

Monitor Exportación datos plataforma web aire2Análisis de datos de calidad del aire con aire2
aire2 Key Capabilities: Comprehensive Environmental Management and Control

Inventory and Location Management: aire2 simplifies the inventory of equipment, associating it with its locations for efficient tracking.

Asset Tracking and Role Management: Comprehensive asset tracking and role management system controls access to data and information.

Pollution Monitoring and Data Export: Identifies and adjusts pollution response based on meteorological parameters. Export data in formats such as HTML, PDF, Excel and Word.

Advanced Efficiency and Control: air2 unites pollution control, user management and report export. It excels in adaptability and improved environmental management.

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