dnota airquality CORP in Florida: Promising Future

dnota, a leader in innovative air quality solutions, is pleased to announce the creation of its U.S. subsidiary, dnota airquality Corp, located in Coral Gables, Florida, with a promising future. This strategic expansion represents a crucial milestone in our effort to approach the North American market with maximum guarantees.

Strategic Location in the Heart of Florida

Located on Lejeune Road, Coral Gables, dnota airquality Corp is set in a prime location. Florida, known for its commitment to sustainable development and innovation, is the perfect place to start our expansion in the United States.

Setting the Stage for Future Collaborations

The incorporation of dnota airquality Corp. is just the beginning of our ambitious strategy in the United States; We are currently in negotiations to finalize a distribution agreement with a key partner, the announcement of which promises to be an exciting revelation in the air quality market.

dnota Expands its Presence in the US

dnota airquality CORP in Florida: Promising Future
dnota airquality CORP in Florida: Promising Future
A Focus on Smart Cities and General Industry

With dnota airquality Corp, we reinforce our commitment to offer bettair technology in the U.S. Bettair is a leading solution for Smart Cities projects and industry in general, designed to control air quality in a wide range of infrastructures, from ports and airports to residential buildings and industrial sectors.

Next Steps: Intrigue and Anticipation

The operations of dnota airquality Corp will officially start after the formalization of our distribution agreement; Stay tuned for the announcement of this exciting development, which marks a new chapter in our history and underscores our position as a leader in air quality monitoring.

Bettair, an Award-Winning Sensor

The Bettair technology has gained global recognition after being named by AIRLAB as the world’s most accurate air quality sensor. This award not only confirms the reliability and innovation behind Bettair but also underlines dnota’s commitment to providing environmental monitoring solutions that can be the basis for more effective public policies and a more informed and aware citizenry;

World’s most accurate air quality sensor according to Airlab Challenge 2023

World's most accurate sensor according to AIRLAB
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