Air quality is a fundamental factor for people’s health and well-being. Smart cities are based on the use of data for decision making, and air quality monitoring is an essential tool for the development of sustainable cities, and mobile air quality units help to achieve this goal.

Urban air quality mobile units

They are an effective solution for air quality monitoring in urban areas. These units allow spot measurement campaigns to be carried out at any location, making them ideal for pollution assessment in areas of interest, such as industrial areas, residential areas or areas with heavy traffic.


Designed to meet the highest quality standards. These units are equipped with the following elements:

In situ air quality measurements

Air Quality Monitoring

Video Urban Air Quality Units


dnota offer the following advantages:

  • Location flexibility: the mobile units can be installed anywhere, making them ideal for pollution assessment in areas of interest.
  • Automatic monitoring: the mobile units allow automatic monitoring of air quality, making it easy to obtain reliable and accurate data.
  • Real-time data delivery: data from the mobile units are delivered in real time to the dnota monitoring platform, allowing immediate data visualization and analysis.

They can be used for a wide range of applications, including:

  • Air quality assessment in urban areas.
  • Pollution monitoring in industrial areas.
  • Air quality monitoring in high traffic areas.
  • Environmental impact studies.

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