Air Quality Consulting for Smart Cities

At the heart of the evolution towards smarter cities and sustainable industrial environments, dnota stands out as a leader in air quality solutions. dnota offers specialized Air Quality Consulting for Smart Cities, complementing our expertise in air quality monitoring with certified technology that has evolved into a diverse range of services. We proudly collaborate with Bettair Cities and implement high-precision IoT sensors. Now, from the new dnota website, we present comprehensive services that go beyond technology. We offer key advice for environmental transformation, covering everything from environmental permitting to the definition of ESG policies. dnota is the ideal choice for cities moving towards Low Emission Zones and industrial environments committed to reducing pollution

Client Support for Environmental Permitting

dnota is proud to offer solid support to our clients in obtaining crucial environmental permits, from advice, drafting and processing of the following documents:.

  • Draft applications for Integrated Environmental Authorisations (AAI), as well as reports of substantial and non-substantial modifications to the same.
  • Environmental Impact Studies
  • Discharge Authorisations
  • Registration for small or large producers of hazardous waste
  • Preliminary Soil Situation Reports (IPSS) or Soil Situation Reports (ISS)
  • Emitting Point Discharge Document (DAFE)
  • Registration in specific platforms such as REGADE-COVs Galicia
  • Comprehensive advice for ENAC environmental inspections requested by the administration.
  • Continuous advice to ensure compliance with evolving legal requirements.
Consulting in Smart Cities
Targeted Air Quality Consulting

At the forefront of Air Quality Specific Consulting, dnota is proud to present innovative and advanced tools that go beyond conventional monitoring. Our collaboration with the Bettair platform allows us to offer our clients a comprehensive and visually stunning analysis. We have the Pollution Heat Map and the Pollution Wind Rose, very useful for decision making.

Pollution Heat Map and Pollution Wind Rose

The Pollution Heat Map provides a detailed graphical representation of pollutant levels in real time and at street level. It allows accurate identification of hotspots and assessment of pollutant dispersion. This tool not only facilitates an intuitive understanding of air quality, but also serves as a strategic basis for mitigation planning. It is a management tool for urban management plans that is of great help in decision making.

Complementing this tool, the Pollution Wind Rose provides a comprehensive view of wind direction and speed in relation to pollutant dispersion. Integrating data from our high-precision sensors and CALYPSO anemometers, this graphical representation is essential for understanding atmospheric dynamics and optimising pollution reduction strategies.

Together, these tools provide cities and industries with a comprehensive and detailed view of air quality, enabling them to make informed and proactive decisions to improve environmental health. dnota, backed by advanced technology, is committed to leading the way towards a cleaner, more sustainable future.

Consulting Smart Cities
Specific Air Quality Consultancy

dnota excels in air quality specific consultancy, using advanced tools and state-of-the-art technology.

Our services include:

  • Air pollution modelling,
  • Creation of air emission inventories and comprehensive air quality studies prior to planning the installation of devices.
  • We produce pollution heat maps that serve as the basis for mitigation strategies in both public and private networks.
  • Our expertise extends to technology development, contributing to the ongoing study of air quality and climate change.
  • Pioneers in air pollution mitigation consultancy, working closely with cities and industrial environments to achieve a positive and lasting impact.
ESG Policy/Code Definition

In the era of environmental, social and governance (ESG) responsibility, dnota goes further by offering services that define strategic policies and codes. Our projects cover circular economy, sustainability, carbon and water footprinting. We assist in the creation of strategic plans that guide cities towards more sustainable practices. In addition, we provide key indicators that serve as benchmarks to assess and improve environmental performance. dnota not only provides advanced technology, but also positions itself as a strategic partner for cities and industrial environments that are looking to make a difference in the environmental landscape and move towards a more sustainable future.

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