The next edition of the Smart City Expo World Congress is about to begin and, once again, dnota and its subsidiary bettair are in the spotlight of smart cities around the world. With more than 40 years of experience in air quality, dnota has become a benchmark in the industry by providing accurate, real-time data to governments, businesses and the general public.

IoT sensors for pollution control in urban environments

On this occasion, dnota and Bettair, the start-up specialized in IoT sensors for pollution control in urban environments, will be present at the Smart City Expo World Congress to be held from November 7 to 9. This event, considered the largest and most influential in urban innovation, brings together leaders of the most innovative companies, governments and organizations to drive a better future for cities.

bettair® IoT devices
About dnota

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Smart City Expo World Congress
Strong Expansion of bettair technology around the world

With their prominent presence at this world-class event, dnota and bettair demonstrate their commitment to improving air quality in smart cities. Both companies offer technological solutions to increase air quality monitoring, identify sources of pollution. Assess the impact of environmental policies and raise awareness of the importance of good air quality.

Since its founding, dnota has worked tirelessly to provide effective air quality management solutions. Its commitment to improving public health and reducing pollution has been recognized around the world. Today, dnota has a presence in numerous European countries, as well as in North and South America. Its international expansion does not stop, with upcoming deployments in the United States, Canada and other European countries.

Bettair’s technology has already been installed in several locations in Catalonia, Madrid and other cities nationwide. As well as in multiple international locations. Its IoT sensor for pollution monitoring in urban environments provides accurate, real-time data that enables more informed decisions in smart cities.

The presence of dnota and Bettair at the Smart City Expo World Congress is not only a reflection of their leadership in the industry, but also of their commitment to driving a more sustainable future. Don’t miss the opportunity to visit their booth during the event and learn first-hand how these two leaders in air quality are transforming smart cities.