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  • Anemómetro ultrasónico UFM20
  • Anemómetro ultrasónico UFM20

Ultrasonic Anemometer UFM20

The UFM20 ultrasonic air flow meter consists of two powerful transducers strategically placed on opposite sides of the tunnel; These specialized devices accurately measure the average air velocity and direction in the tunnel section; The angular arrangement, typically at 45 degrees over a 20-25 meter span, ensures a representative measurement of airflow in that specific area;

This innovative anemometer, developed by TUNNELVISTA, is not only capable of monitoring air speed and direction in road tunnels, but also stands out for its reliability and ease of installation; In addition, its versatility allows its application in a variety of situations, such as adjusting the natural air flow of the tunnel by means of ventilation control, especially in cases of opacity or gas levels above a safe limit;

The UFM20 works by means of two ultrasonic elements (transducers) that emit and receive ultrasonic signals; These transducers are strategically placed on opposite sides of the tunnel, forming a fixed angle with the direction of air flow; The principle of operation is based on the transit time of the ultrasonic sound between the two transducers; The difference in the transit times of the ultrasonic signals back and forth between transducers A and B provides crucial information about the air velocity and direction in the tunnel;

The data collected by the system, i.e. air speed and direction, are essential for identifying hazardous conditions; These data are processed by a control panel that integrates a microprocessor and a processing unit; The information obtained is used to inform the tunnel ventilation control system, enabling it to take appropriate measures to purify the air and optimize energy consumption efficiently;

In short, the UFM20 not only ensures accurate and reliable measurements over time, but also plays a key role in the safety and operational efficiency of tunnels, enabling a proactive response to adverse conditions and contributing significantly to environmental care and energy savings;



  • No moving mechanical parts
  • No need for spare parts;
  • Ultrasonic “barrier” technology
  • No contact measurement
  • Maintenance-free: operational control once a year
  • LCD display for visible measurement and configuration;
  • Analog and digital outputs;
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Long life