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  • Detector de gases monóxido de carbono GO3 CO

Optical nitrogen dioxide detector GO3-NO2

The GO3-NO2 optical gas detector is designed to detect leaks and abnormal concentrations of Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2) in road tunnels and industrial environments, prioritizing the safety of people and property;

It uses advanced optical spectral analysis technology in the IR field for accurate detection; The dual-channel analysis chamber ensures accuracy and reliability, with breathing elements protected by a stainless steel filter to prevent the spread of dust;

The electronics feature microprocessor control for continuous parameter monitoring, automatic zero measurement adjustment and maintenance signaling, ensuring efficient and durable performance even under extreme conditions;



  • Electronic control by microprocessor Electronic control by microprocessor
  • Dual beam technology;
  • Measurement accuracy
  • Repeatability of values;
  • Quick response
  • Automatic restart when the gas disappears;
  • Good chemical resistance;
  • Excellent selectivity to NO2