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  • Detector de gases monóxido de carbono GO3 CO

Carbon monoxide gas detector GO3-CO

The GO3-CO optical gas detector is designed to detect leaks or abnormal concentrations of carbon monoxide (CO) in road tunnels, industrial environments and hazardous locations; It uses an advanced optical spectral analysis technique and has an optical analysis camera connected to an IP65 control unit; Its dual channel system ensures accuracy and reliability when measuring CO. In addition, it has stainless steel filters to protect the breathing elements and offers stability, repeatability and excellent selectivity; Microprocessor-controlled, the GO3-CO provides continuous parameter monitoring, automatic zero measurement adjustment and maintenance alerts; Resistant to high concentrations of CO, corrosion and environmental changes, it is highly efficient and durable;


The GO3-CO optical gas detector is a crucial tool designed to ensure safety in road tunnels, industrial environments and anywhere prone to leaks or abnormal concentrations of carbon monoxide (CO); CO, a colorless, tasteless gas, can be deadly in lethal concentrations and is particularly dangerous in confined areas where it can accumulate undetected; This detector has been specially created to address this invisible risk;

The GO3-CO uses an advanced detection technique based on optical spectral analysis of the monitored gas; The unit consists of an optical analysis camera connected to a control and signal processing unit, with an IP65 protection rating that ensures operation even in challenging environmental conditions; The dual-channel measurement inside the analysis chamber, which includes a dual optical beam (one reference and one measurement), ensures the accuracy and reliability of this detector;

What distinguishes the GO3-CO is its stability and repeatability of values, together with excellent CO selectivity. In addition, its advanced microprocessor-controlled electronics provide continuous monitoring of various parameters; This automatic control not only automatically adjusts the zero measurement to maintain accuracy, but also signals the need for maintenance and can indicate potential faults; This self-diagnostic capability further enhances the reliability of the device;

The resistance of GO3-CO is remarkable; It can withstand prolonged exposure to high CO concentrations without suffering consequences and maintains its performance even under varying environmental conditions, such as changes in temperature and humidity; In addition, its corrosion resistance makes it a reliable choice for industrial environments;

It is crucial to understand the effects of carbon monoxide on humans and the environment; Because of its 220 times greater affinity than oxygen for binding to hemoglobin, CO forms an inactive compound called carboxyhemoglobin in the bloodstream, which prevents proper oxygenation of tissues, especially the brain and heart; The consequences can be severe and include headache, dizziness and fatigue, with the possibility of unconsciousness and death in extreme cases.

CO is an insidious pollutant that can accumulate in urban areas due to traffic, exposing the population to dangerous concentrations for prolonged periods of time; Symptoms of exposure include headaches, dizziness and drowsiness, which often make it difficult for people to recognize the danger; The GO3-CO is essential for monitoring and preventing these situations, providing a reliable and accurate solution for detecting even the lowest CO concentrations and ensuring the safety of people in potentially hazardous environments;

In short, the GO3-CO optical gas detector stands as a silent but essential guardian in the fight against the dangers of carbon monoxide; Its advanced technology and ability to operate in adverse conditions make it a smart choice for any environment where safety is paramount; Prevention is the key, and GO3-CO is presented as an invaluable tool to protect lives and property against the devastating effects of this deadly gas;


  • Electronic control by microprocessor
  • Measurement accuracy
  • Repeatability of values;
  • Quick response
  • Automatic restart when the gas disappears;
  • Good chemical resistance;
  • Excellent selectivity to CO