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  • Detector de gases Monóxido de carbono CO GE-CO

Gas Detector Carbon Monoxide CO GE-CO

The GE-CO gas detection system has been meticulously developed for implementation in industrial environments and anywhere where the unusual presence or leakage of Carbon Monoxide (CO) could be a threat to human safety and the environment;

These detectors have a high precision Electrochemical Cell Sensor as their sensitive component; This sensor has notable advantages, including its stability, measurement consistency and excellent selectivity with respect to CO gas;

The heart of the sensor operates using fuel cell technology and employs an innovative, patented capillary diffusion barrier; Contained in a robust aluminum alloy housing with an IP66 protection rating, the sensor is easily removable and includes gold terminals along with the corresponding electronics;

The inhalation section of the detector is made of a special sintered AISI 316 stainless steel filter, whose 30-micron microporosity provides an effective defense against external contaminants for both the electrochemical cell and the associated electronics; This combination of filter and capillary diffusion barrier, together with the electronics specifically designed to feed, amplify and process signals, guarantees a long device lifetime; However, it is important to note that the sensing element should be replaced every two years (average life), although its life may vary depending on working conditions;

This sensor is incredibly reliable and exhibits exceptional performance; In addition, it exhibits exceptional corrosion resistance and remains immune to fluctuations in temperature and humidity; Therefore, the detector offers optimum response and maintains outstanding signal stability even over extended periods;



  • High stability and measurement accuracy
  • Fast response and repeatability of values
  • Automatic reset when the gas disappears
  • Good chemical resistance and optimum chemical resistance and optimum selectivity
  • Superior electrochemical cell Superior electrochemical cell
  • Breathing element with sintered stainless steel filter;
  • Easy replacement of the electrochemical cell Easy replacement of the electrochemical cell (max. 10 min)