Dnota Medio Ambiente, S.L. in joint venture with Cimera Estudios Aplicados, S.L. has been awarded the first tender called by the General Directorate of Water (Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries, Food and Environment) for the development of the Monitoring Programs to Determine the Status of Inland Waters and Control of Protected Areas in the different intra-community river basin districts.
The contract was awarded in the amount of 3,460,121 euros, excluding VAT, for a 72-month execution period, including a 36-month extension.
This award is the result of the commitment made by the team of DNOTAa year ago, with the acquisition of the company HYDRAENA, S.L.and which has positioned DNOTAas a reference in the sector of Physical-Chemical State Control, but above all in Biological State Control.
The purpose of the work is to carry out programs for monitoring the status of surface inland waters in accordance with the provisions of the Royal Decree 817/2015, of September 11, establishing the criteria for monitoring and evaluation of surface water status and environmental quality standards and in Royal Decree 1514/2009, of October 2, regulating the protection of groundwater against pollution.
The contract covers the review and subsequent operation of surveillance control programs, operational control and additional control of Protected Areas in groundwater bodies and inland surface water bodies of river, lake and artificial and highly modified waters.
In the case of the Segura Hydrographic Demarcation, 63 bodies of groundwater and 96 bodies of continental surface water will be monitored.
The initial tasks to be carried out prior to the start of the operation of the monitoring programs will consist of reviewing the current monitoring programs, carrying out a pollutant study, preparing station and sampling point sheets and defining the operation plan.
The operation of these monitoring programs includes the taking of water, sediment and biota samples, the determination of biological, chemical and physical-chemical quality elements, as well as hydromorphological quality elements for the classification of the Ecological Status or Potential, Chemical Status and relevant parameters for the control of protected areas, as well as the evaluation of results.
Likewise, it includes the performance of additional studies (on the Trophic Status of Reservoirs and Invasive Exotic Species), as well as the preparation of the corresponding Reports and Exchange of Information on the status and quality of the waters between the General State Administration and the administrations with powers in water matters, in order to comply with the legislation regulating the rights of access to information and public participation.
With this award, dnota medio ambiente, S.L. reinforces its commitment to specialization in water quality control, adding to other contracts obtained in other Hydrographic Districts of the National Territory.
DNOTA is a company specialized in Environmental Control and is present throughout the national territory. It has a staff of more than 110 employees and this year 2017 has invoiced more than €8 million in all services.