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Opacimeter REDLINE 250

This sensor is the latest in its class, allows a maximum range coverage of 250 m and is equipped with reliable optical technology that ensures good performance and long device life;

REDLINE250 measures any change in air opacity and converts it into an analog signal suitable for controlling ventilation and monitoring systems;
It consists of 2 elements: a transmitter and a receiver;

REDLINE250 is equipped with many outputs that allow the necessary signals to be transmitted remotely; A dust protection tube covers the optics to reduce dirt on the optics surface; The reliability of the opacimeter has been proven in hundreds of installations and the maintenance required is really low and economical;

Redline250 is an innovative optical-electronic device specifically designed to revolutionize modern road tunnel ventilation and improve safety systems; This advanced opacimeter has as its main function the optical monitoring of long tunnel runs, offering an effective solution to ensure safety and air quality in subway environments;

The distinguishing feature of the Redline250 is its ability to continuously monitor the level of air transparency in a tunnel run of up to 250 meters in length; Its innovative technology makes it possible to detect any variation in air transparency, which translates into an increase in air opacity; This information is quickly captured by the Red Line and converted into analog and digital output for detailed analysis;

Most impressively, Redline250 is highly scalable; It is possible to control tunnels of several kilometers in length by installing multiple Red Line devices at different locations along the tunnel; This strategic distribution ensures comprehensive monitoring of the subway environment, providing accurate real-time data;

Accurate measurement of the level of tunnel air transparency, also known as reverse opacity, is essential to optimally control the air ventilation system; In addition, these data are essential for monitoring air quality, along with other sensors that measure various environmental parameters; Thanks to Redline250, it is now possible to comfortably drive the air ventilation system and ensure a safe and healthy environment in road tunnels, providing a comprehensive solution for the effective management of subway ventilation and the safety of road users;



  • long optical path: 250 m
  • dual infrared beam technology
  • microcontroller management
  • analog and relay output
  • RS232 or RS485 serial port
  • low power consumption
  • long life
  • easy installation
  • easy to use
  • low-cost maintenance