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  • Anemómetro ultrasónico "tipo punto" UFM5
  • Anemómetro ultrasónico "tipo punto" UFM5

Ultrasonic anemometer “point type” UFM5

The UFM5 ultrasonic air flow meter is an innovative device that revolutionizes the way we measure air velocity and direction in tunnels; Unlike its counterpart, the tx+rx type (UFM20), the UFM5 features an uncomplicated installation, using a point transducer placed directly on the tunnel surface; This little technological marvel is responsible for accurately measuring the average air velocity and direction in the tunnel section, providing crucial data for efficient airflow management;

What makes the UFM5 exceptional is its simplicity and accessibility; Its installation is so simple that it does not require complicated alignments or cumbersome configurations; Once in place, it is ready to operate immediately, providing accurate information without any additional effort on the part of the user;

In addition to its ease of use, the UFM5 is extremely versatile; Not only is it ideal for measuring the natural air flow in the tunnel, but it can also be used to adjust this flow with intelligent ventilation control; If the gas level or air opacity exceeds certain limits, the UFM5 detects these hazardous conditions and sends signals to the tunnel ventilation control system; This allows a fast and efficient response to clean the air, ensuring the safety of those passing through the tunnel and, at the same time, saving energy in an optimal way;

The operation of the UFM5 is based on a precise interaction between a defined sound path and the wind; Air modifies the time and manner of sound propagation, resulting in reliable and accurate measurements; This innovative system is not only an indispensable tool for airflow management in road tunnels, but also finds valuable applications in various situations where detailed air monitoring is required;

In short, the UFM5 not only simplifies airflow measurement, but also sets a completely new standard for accuracy, reliability and ease of use; With its state-of-the-art technology, this device has become the preferred choice for engineers and professionals seeking an effective and efficient solution for air monitoring in tunnels and beyond;



  • No moving mechanical parts
  • No need for spare parts;
  • Ultrasonic “barrier” technology
  • No contact measurement
  • Maintenance-free: operational overhaul once a year
  • Analog and digital outputs;
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Long life