dnota proceeds to the signing of the Technical Assistance contract for the elaboration of the Strategic Noise Map of the Municipal District of Fuenlabrada, tendered by the Department of Sustainability, Public Works, Urban Maintenance and Public Buildings of the City Council of Fuenlabrada.

According to the European Union Directive 2002/49, community regulations on noise pollution prevention, and in accordance with the Spanish Noise Law 37/2003 and the Royal Decree that develops it (R.D. 1513/2005, on Noise, with regard to the evaluation and management of environmental noise), agglomerations, understood as municipalities with a population of over 100,000 inhabitants, must have a Strategic Noise Map. The scope of the study to be carried out will cover the entire area corresponding to the urban agglomeration of Fuenlabrada.

Strategic maps of agglomerations take special account of noise from road traffic, rail traffic, airports and industrial areas.

Its purpose is to provide a tool for assessing the overall exposure to noise pollution in a given area and the informed adoption of action plans on noise pollution and, in general, of appropriate corrective measures.

For this purpose, the study will include the values of existing or predicted noise indices and thus the estimated number of people, dwellings, educational centers and hospitals or health centers exposed to noise pollution will be obtained.
The contract includes a campaign of “in situ” measurements distributed throughout the municipality of Fuenlabrada. The purpose of the measurement campaigns is twofold: on the one hand, to determine the day-evening-night behavior of the different types of streets identified, and on the other, to adjust the noise maps drawn up.

noise map_1Measuring noise