Dnota Medio Ambiente, awarded the Service of Sampling and Analysis of Physicochemical and Biological Elements for the determination of the Ecological Status of the Water Bodies of the River Nature Reserves.

The work consists of sampling and analysis of physicochemical and biological elements for the determination of the Ecological Status of the water bodies of the River Nature Reserves (RNF) of the intra-community river basins of the Spanish territory and the consequent proposal of measures for their management. The work has been awarded by TRAGSA.

In order to determine the Ecological Status of the NFRs, a series of samples and analyses of different physicochemical and biological parameters should be carried out for each of the water bodies. The results of these analyses should be conveniently stored in a database and subsequently processed and interpreted in order to diagnose the ecological status of the water bodies analyzed.

Given the potential
repercussions that climate change may have on the ecological state of river systems
may have on the ecological state of the river systems, the diagnosis to be carried out for all the NFRs should include observations that may be of interest for their management.

In the case of the biological elements of water quality, the work shall be carried out in accordance with the provisions of the sampling protocols established in the “Instruction of the Secretary of the Environment approving the protocols applicable in the operation of networks for monitoring the ecological status and potential of inland surface water bodies”, Resolution of 15/11/2013 (Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Environment). Likewise, it will take into account the content of the
Royal Decree 817/2015
, of September 11, which establishes the criteria for monitoring and evaluation of the state of surface waters and environmental quality standards.

This work corresponds to the effort made to date, in the development of accreditation in different biological indicators by ENAC, and of course, to the broad scope of ENAC, both in sampling and laboratory that it has. dnota .