The European Parliament and the Council of the European Union, within the framework of Community policy, have considered in Directive 49/2002/EC that a high degree of environmental and health protection must be achieved, and one of the objectives to be pursued is protection against noise. In the Green Paper on future noise policy, the Commission refers to environmental noise as one of the major environmental problems in Europe.

There are many organizations that are concerned about complying with the regulations, such as the Diputación de Almería, for which Dnota Medio Ambiente SL has completed the technical assistance for the Strategic Noise Maps of the roads managed by the Diputación de Almería.

The objective of this study is the preparation of the Strategic Noise Maps of the Second Phase of the roads belonging to the Road Network of the Provincial Council of Almeria, with traffic exceeding 3 million vehicles per year, in compliance with the provisions of Directive 49/2002/EC on the evolution and management of environmental noise, in the Noise Law 37/2003 and in the two Royal Decrees that develop this law (RD 1513/2005 and RD 1367/2007).

The purpose of the strategic noise maps, according to Law 37/2003 on Noise (Article 15. Purposes and Content of the maps) is:

  1. Enable the overall assessment of noise pollution exposure in a given area.
  2. Enable global predictions for the area.
  3. Enable the well-founded adoption of action plans on noise pollution and, in general, of appropriate corrective measures.