Comillas Pontifical University trains its students in #airquality.

Comillas Pontifical University has carried out a very enriching initiative for exchange students. These actions provide the opportunity to receive training in pollution, and learn about the operation of a traditional Air Quality station.

This experience was carried out at the Puerto de Cotos air quality cabin, in collaboration with the Atmospheric Quality Area of the General Directorate of Decarbonization and Energy Transition, of the Ministry of Environment, Agriculture and Interior.

Below, we will explore the benefits of this training and how it has impacted the students. Training in Air Pollution and Air Quality in Puerto de Cotos

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A detailed look at air pollution and air quality

Air pollution and air quality are increasingly relevant issues in our society. Knowing the dynamics of how this problem is monitored and controlled is fundamental to promote actions that reduce the negative impact on our health and the environment. Therefore, the training provided to the exchange students of the Universidad Pontificia Comillas, at the Puerto de Cotos station, is of vital importance.

Benefits of the training:

Practical knowledge: the students had the opportunity to acquire practical and applied knowledge about the operation of an Air Quality station. They were able to observe first-hand how data related to pollution and air quality is collected, analyzed and recorded, understanding the overall measurement and control process.

Theoretical-practical linkage: This experience allowed the exchange students to put into practice the theoretical knowledge acquired in their studies. They were able to relate the concepts learned in the classroom with the tangible reality of an air quality station in operation, strengthening their academic training.

Environmental awareness: One of the most significant benefits of this training is the environmental awareness generated in the students. They learn about the consequences of pollution. Also the importance of air quality for our health and the environment, which motivates young people to be more responsible and committed to actions that reduce pollution in their daily lives.

Interaction with experts: The opportunity to interact with professionals from the Atmospheric Quality Area of the General Directorate of Decarbonization and Energy Transition, allows students to expand their networks. Also to learn from the experiences of experts in the field. This interaction facilitates the exchange of knowledge, and opens doors for future collaborations and job opportunities.

Training in Air Pollution and Air Quality in Puerto de Cotos

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