The growth of dnota distributors with Bettair has become one of the strongest objectives for 2024, already counting more than 50 countries implies a great coverage that is increasing and every collaboration and continuous effort supports the ambition to reach the global market of air quality measurement with the innovative Bettair sensor.

One of the countries with high potential in South America, Colombia, is already one of the brand ambassadors and on May 7, we had the honor of participating in a webinar entitled “Discovering the Vital Importance of Air Quality and its Revolution in Smart Cities“, organized by CINTEL, the Center for Research and Development in Information Technology and Communications of Colombia, an entity that studies and assimilates emerging technological trends, disseminates its findings and analyzes their implementation; it also promotes the development of projects of sectoral interest.

It provides specialized technical assistance and disseminates information on the state of ICTs in Colombia and the world. This event was an excellent opportunity to share knowledge, discuss emerging trends and explore how technology can transform our cities into healthier and more sustainable places.

Improving air quality through training

In collaboration with High Tec, Bettair’s distributor in Colombia, and dnota, we were able to present an enriching session full of insights, where the attendance was more than 40 people. Silvia Mera, head of dnota’s Consulting area, was one of the keynote speakers. During his presentation, he not only gave guidelines for the smart cities of the future, but also highlighted the importance of the “Bettair” technology in air quality mapping.

Silvia highlighted how Bettair technology not only supports detailed air quality mapping, but is also meeting the global goals of creating a cleaner and healthier world. “The ability of these technologies to provide accurate, real-time data allows us to visualize problems that previously went unnoticed. This gives us the ability to act more quickly and effectively, improving air quality and, therefore, the quality of life of citizens,” Mera commented during the webinar.

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Collaboration, the key to improvement

This event was a clear example of how collaboration between different industry players can lead to significant progress in the fight against air pollution. Discussions ranged from the implementation of effective policies to the development of new technologies and the importance of citizen participation in creating more sustainable cities.

We are convinced that Bettair will continue to play a crucial role in this mission. Its accuracy and reliability not only make it an essential tool for smart cities, but also reaffirms our commitment to a future where everyone can breathe clean air.

We thank all the webinar participants and our collaborators at CINTEL and High Tec for their support and dedication. This event marks just the beginning of what we are sure will be a journey full of innovations and achievements in improving air quality globally.

We invite you to stay connected with us for future updates and events. Together, we are building a healthier and more sustainable future.