Thermo Scientific 42i

Thermo Scientific 146i Multi-Gas Calibrator

The Thermo Scientific Model 146i Multi-Gas Calibrator provides accurate concentrations of ozone, carbon monoxide, non-methane hydrocarbons, sulfur dioxide, nitrous oxide and nitric oxide or other gases that the user may require. The different gas concentrations are used for calibrating equipment performing zero, precision calculation and level 1 span checks, audits and multipoint calibrations.



  • Ethernet connection for efficient remote access.
  • Improved user interface with a programming key and a large display for information presentation.
  • Inclusion of flash memory to increase data storage capacity and the possibility of program dumping by the user.
  • Improved electronics design for increased compatibility with other i-family equipment.
  • Improved layout of equipment components to improve accessibility to them.
  • Gas Phase Titration (GPT) option for O3 and NO2 generation.
  • Permeation furnace for generation of SO2, NO2, H2S, NH3 and other gases.

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