Eco Physics nCLD 88

NO/NO2/NOx Analyzer Eco Physics nCLD 88

The nCLD 88 is the new generation in NO or NOX measurement at low concentrations. Unique in speed and accuracy, the nCLD 88 has a modular design and allows measurement of concentrations even in the parts-per-billion range. The expandable capabilities of the analyzer allow the evaluation of additional parameters based on nitrogen oxides. Its new intuitive user interface “GUI” displays measurement data and also connects to data from other instruments.


Accurate and reliable

The nCLD 88 meets the requirements of the most demanding specifications in the detection and monitoring of low NO or NOX concentrations, with a response time and delay of less than one second, even at full sample throughput. NOX measurement is performed by an optional molybdenum converter. The unwanted effects of long sampling lines are minimized by the electronic and mechanical bypass system. The optional pre-camera minimizes zero drift and cross-sensitivity. This makes the analyzer ideal for areas with excellent air quality. Calibration and adjustment of the unit is performed quickly and automatically, and all necessary data is continuously stored and available anytime, anywhere.

Ease of use with <<GUI>>

The new graphical touch user interface <<GUI>> allows the user to individually adjust the instrument operation and data management according to his needs and applications. The bright 8″ monitor offers a clear view and allows numerical and graphical display of values. Multiple digital inputs and outputs ensure maximum connectivity and flexibility for remote operation, control and maintenance of the nCLD 88, ensuring unsurpassed accuracy and reliability.

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