The company becomes a supplier of scientific equipment for the study of aerosols and desert dust haze.

dnota, a company specialising in air quality monitoring, has been awarded a contract by the CSIC to supply atmospheric particle samplers for the study of aerosols and desert dust haze in the Canary Islands. dnota atmospheric particulate samplers Canary Islands.

The contract is part of the agreement signed between the CSIC and the Canary Islands Government for the creation and implementation of the Canary Islands Air Quality Laboratory.

dnota atmospheric particulate samplers Canary Islands

The study of aerosols and desert dust haze is important for several reasons.

Firstly, these phenomena can have negative impacts on human health, as aerosols may contain particles that are harmful to the respiratory tract and increase the risk of respiratory diseases. In addition, desert dust haze can affect air quality and visibility in the areas of its influence.

On the other hand, these phenomena can also have impacts on climate, as aerosols can contribute to cloud formation and affect the ability of clouds to reflect sunlight. Likewise, desert dust haze can interact with the sun’s rays and affect atmospheric cycles such as rainfall and evaporation.

El CSIC adjudica a dnota el concurso público para suministro de captadores de partículas atmosféricas para el estudio de los aerosoles y las calimas de polvo 02

The equipment awarded to dnota includes two DIGITEL DHA-80 high volume samplers and accessories, as well as four DIGITEL DPA-14 medium/low volume samplers and accessories. Also included are the ENAC calibration of the collectors, temperature, pressure and relative humidity calibration systems, manuals and a training course.

The DIGITEL samplers, which will be presented at the next edition of the European Aerosol Conference in Malaga from 3 to 8 September, have been chosen for their quality and efficiency in the collection of atmospheric particles. The close collaboration between dnota and DIGITEL allows both companies to show their products as GOLD partners at the event.


With this award, dnota consolidates its position as a supplier of high quality and reliable scientific equipment in the field of atmospheric research, contributing to the advancement of knowledge in this area and to the fulfilment of the scientific objectives of the Canary Islands Air Quality Laboratory.

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