Microbial is a biotechnology company specialized in the development and production of molecular microbiological analysis systems for the agri-food and environmental fields.

Microbial was born in 2005 as a Spinoff of the University of Girona with the firm will to make a niche in the market for rapid food and environmental analysis. First by developing DNA-based solutions for the detection of pathogenic bacteria in food and water, and later by offering specific DNA-based analytical services.

The knowledge and experience in DNA analysis allows Microbial to offer specialized analytical services.

Microbial is currently located at the Parc Científic i Tecnològic de la Universitat de Girona and offers all kinds of analytical services, as well as the production of kits for the detection by real-time PCR of pathogenic bacteria in food and in the environment, as well as viruses and food fraud.

After the recent acquisition of the ACCA Laboratory in Almeria last June, dnota continues its commitment to inorganic growth and incorporates all the assets of Microbial to dnota, to develop and strengthen the area of microbiological analysis in food.

Microbial is also specialized in the implementation of rapid methods for the analysis of Legionella viables by PCR. Complete solutions (thermal cycler, kits and training) and method set-up and accreditation based on ISO/TS 12869.

Over the past few years, dnota has incorporated companies from both the Air Quality(Exteco and SIRSA), as well as companies in the Water Quality and Noise (Cavendish Laboratories, Litoral Consult and Hydraena) and in recent months has been initiated in the Sector of Food Qualitywith the incorporation of ACCA and Microbial laboratories.

The company continues to expand its territorial presence with the two new work centers recently incorporated in Girona and Almería.

With this acquisition, dnota strengthens its position in Catalonia, as well as its diversification, increasing its presence in the FOOD sector.