Due to the launch of our new website, and coinciding with the 10th Anniversary of the introduction of the DIGITEL DPA-14 low volume particulate air sampler (PM10/PM2.5) to the air quality market, we are offering all our customers a special price for the purchase of one or more units of the DIGITEL DPA-14. #airquality

Low volume sampler Digitel DPA-14

The DIGITEL Low Volume sampler is a fully automatic instrument for sampling dust particles and aerosols for subsequent analysis (gravimetric and analytical determination) that complies with EN12341:2014 (UNE-EN12341:2015) and helps the industry in general to improve Air Quality.

The thresholds of the measurements of these pollutants (PM10/PM2,5), often exceed the permissible values due to the high pollution by traffic in our cities, so they are pollutants of great public interest.

A large number of studies have demonstrated the adverse short-term cardiovascular effects related to particulate matter. There is a direct relationship between myocardial infarctions, arrhythmias, cerebrovascular accidents or cancer, among others, and the concentration of particulate matter in the environment. In addition, these particles may contain toxic elements that lodge in the respiratory system, so that the immune system is impaired due to their permanence in the lungs. With this initiative, dnota helps to improve the quality of life in our environment by improving the quality of the #airquality.  DIGITEL DPA-14


  • DIGITEL DPA14 low volume samplers are fully automatic systems for sampling dust particles and aerosols for further evaluation and analysis (gravimetric and analytical determination) in accordance with EN12341:2014.
  • The operating range of the sampler in standard execution is from 5 to 50 liters per minute (0.3 to 3m3/h).
  • It has a storage of 30 filters stretched on filter holders. They are automatically switched to the flow position at the preset time.
  • The devices can be integrated into automatic monitoring systems through various interfaces.
  • The housing is suitable for outdoor installation.
  • It is easy to transport and, thanks to its good sound insulation, very quiet.
  • The superior workmanship of the sampler mechanics, supported by state-of-the-art technical and electronic control, guarantees a long service life and absolutely reliable operation.


  • An integrated microprocessor unit controls the filter changes at the preset time and collects all relevant data and events.
  • The states “work” and “pause” (filter change) can be programmed with a resolution of one minute.
  • The time for filter change is kept to a minimum, the automatic filter change is performed within 2 seconds and the blower starts up again.
  • The constant flow of sampled air through the filter is dynamically controlled, so that this value is maintained with good reproducibility and long-term stability that keeps electrical power consumption to a minimum.
  • An optional self-calibration device is available for autonomous calibration of the Venturi orifice flow control.
  • The mechanical components in contact with the measuring air are coated with an extremely smooth, corrosion-resistant surface.
  • The DPA14 low-volume sampler has various interfaces for data transmission and remote control.
  • The filter tanks can be filled and emptied with one hand without the need for additional tools.
  • An optional barcode reader allows direct identification of the filters in the sampler.

For any specific inquiry about the characteristics of this equipment or any type of air quality monitoring instrumentation, please contact: equiposysistemas@dnota.com or fill out the form on our ecommerce platform. Offer DIGITEL DPA-14 #airquality