dnota starts its project through a process of concentration of companies specialized in different areas of environmental quality.

In 2015 HYDRAENA was added to dnota’s catalog of activities, with the intention of providing the product catalog with a very specific specialization in the biological state of water.

In 2021, it incorporates Laboratorios ACCA, based in Almería, to complete its presence in Andalusia, and adds a complementary client portfolio.

In addition, in the same year 2021, dnota begins its journey in food quality control, with the incorporation of two laboratories in Girona, Microbial and Laboratori Cat Gairin. Microbial focuses its specialization on Molecular Microbiology in Food and Cat Gairin focuses its services on food safety.

During the same year 2021, dnota enters the capital of Bettair Cities, manufacturer of static nodes, which measure air pollution. Bettair has a novel technology, which allows mapping urban air pollution with high accuracy.

In October of the same year 2021, dnota sells the Water and Noise Quality Control business unit as well as Cat Gairin Laboratory and focuses its strategy on air quality.

As of 2022 dnota continues to operate in the Air Quality sectors, offering engineering and maintenance services for air quality networks, as well as the supply of all types of environmental monitoring and meteorology equipment. At the same time, it reinforces its positioning in the Smart Cities market, with the intention of intensifying its presence in cities and pollution control.

dnota strengthens its position in Bettair Cities and also with world-class manufacturers such as Thermo Scientific, Synspec and Digitel, which it has been representing for more than 20 years.

Today, its human teams continue to operate synergistically in the air quality sector, developing their activity according to internationally recognized quality systems, maintaining the vocation of contributing to the improvement of the sustainable development of human activities through the sale of products and services that guarantee the obtaining of adequate information on the environmental quality of the surroundings.